Voice Over for Explainer Video

In addition to engaging visuals and script, a voice over makes an explainer video an effective tool. It persuades your audience to make a decision and delivers the message more clearly. One of the crucial points of web video production is whether or not to include narration to explain something or just tell a story.
Before getting started on the project, consider the following matters.

  • Type of product or service. Well known products like Coca-Cola, Audi, mobile phones or simple-to-use products may be music-only. If you feel it’s easier to explain your product in words, choose a voice over. Watch the best explainer videos to see how companies present their product.
  • Audience. As it was mentioned above, a complicated product requires detailed explanation, and customers will probably ask lots of technological questions. Text may be the case, but it can dilute the message.
  • What to get out of the video? Anyway, a video without a voice over leaves out many details although high quality sound gets someone more excited about the product.

Tips for Choosing a Voice

  • A video’s location. Decide which sound equipment you may need depending on a place: home recording or a professional studio.
  • A female or male voice over? It depends on a product. If the video is related to fashion or a beauty product, women constitute your target audience and a female voice is more preferable.
  • Accent. The accent is a crucial factor for building good connection with the audience. In most cases it is better to use a native artist with clear pronunciation.
  • Choose between a few actors. Contact a video production agency for a skilled talented actor who can show off various style of their voice.
  • Pay attention to the way a voice sounds: some products require serious voices, while entertaining ones require playful and joyful voices. The voice always should match the topic.
  • Try to consider your message, product, audience and consult an explainer video company for advice. Visualize the video both with and without a voice.

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