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If you create cool video content, you have to share it with your viewers! If no one sees your videos, then you’ve created them for nothing. But how do you show users your content? 

Let’s figure it out.

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Clips get 1200% more shares than text and visual content together. There are many ways to put your video content online. Let’s say, if you have your own company website, you can post your clips there. So, you can make sure that your website is hosted on a reliable hosting provider who specializes in hosting videos.

But in this post, we’ll look at ways to post videos online on the best video hosting websites that don’t have your site or if you want to post a video to a public resource. It has a lot of perks because you can get an additional audience. It’s a great way to go beyond just your customers’ attention.

That’s why now, we’re going to look at the ten video hosting sites. There you can publish video content, get viewers’ feedback, and increase your brand awareness thanks to them.

Let’s get started!


The most popular video sharing platforms in the world is YouTube, of course. 77% of people aged 15-35 in the United States use YouTube. That’s a huge audience waiting for your video content! Why not give subscribers what they want if you create cool videos? Just show your video to your viewers, get views and achieve your marketing goals!

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The phenomenon of YouTube is that it is possible to gain popularity here without investing large budgets with the most popular video hosting sites. Look at the success stories of popular bloggers. Many of them were just doing what they liked. And at some point, they gained the attention of users and became popular. YouTube gives equal opportunities to all content creators, and you can get into the trends if you try to create interesting and unique content. 


Unlike YouTube, on Facebook, users post videos to share with their friends. Businesses can use this platform to gain even more attention from their existing users. Of course, you can also trend on Facebook with your video. Your video might even go viral.

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However, you should understand the clear difference between this site and other video hosting sites. Duplicate your YouTube videos on Facebook and increase the total number of views with this best video hosting service! Here you work for the loyalty of your subscribers and clients.


Another of the best video hosting platforms for you to post your video content is Vimeo. A direct competitor to YouTube. The main difference is that Vimeo uses stricter rules for posting. In other words, videos posted on Vimeo are taken much more seriously. 

On Vimeo, you can find short films, for example. There is less game content here (its amount is almost invisible). Because of the limitations in the videos posted, there is a slightly different audience here. Posting videos on Vimeo is considered more prestigious precisely because of the strict selection of clips. Another advantage is that not the haters but users who are more objective in their statements will come to comments under your video. 

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Furthermore, Vimeo has many more interesting settings, which makes it one of the popular video hosting sites. Use Vimeo to get views from another audience and take advantage of the many benefits! Advanced analytics, the ability to embed audio, no copyright issues, and password protection for your videos.


Instagram has rapidly gained users’ attention in recent years, quickly moving out of the breakfast social network format. There are three formats for posting videos to Instagram. You can publish clips in the format of regular posts, up to one minute. You can upload them to Stories or post clips of up to 10 minutes in IGTV format.

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Businesses have been embedded in this social network for a long time. It’s here to sell, buy, advertise, promote. Use Instagram to duplicate your videos. But remember, they have to follow the rules of one of these top video sharing platforms. You can trim your videos to the length you want and get extra attention and views from users.


Tumblr was originally popular as a microblogging service. When it comes to publishing video content, it values creative videos. Business is not strongly represented on this video hosting service. Recently, other social networks have reclaimed users’ popularity, leaving Tumblr as a pleasant memory from the past.

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We’d recommend looking at Tumblr if you’re sharing creative content with users. If you’re promoting commercial services, you’re better off choosing one of the other hosts from this list.


Twitter remains one of the most popular social networks. Trends play a major role here, and the hashtag search system is very developed. While on other social networks, hashtags no longer play as important a role as they used to, on Twitter, users still actively put them in their posts and click on them to keep track of the content that interests them.

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You can use Twitter to publish videos that will get users’ situational attention. It is very easy to get many views here if you hit the trends and win users’ attention with original and interesting content.


It is another good site to post video content for your business. Posting your videos on Imgur will give you a chance to get into the community and get feedback from users. We can compare this resource to Reddit. It’s not just a video hosting site; it’s a community of readers who might be interested in your content and push it into trends.

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TripAdvisor’s videos are geared toward the travel industry. Accordingly, companies and startups that are related to the tourist industry should publish videos on this resource. You can attract the attention of tourists, travellers, and employees on business trips.Top 10 Video Hosting Sites 28

It is ideal to use this resource for companies with a physical representation, i.e., you can come in. These can be hotels, cafés, museums, or other locations of interest to travellers. The advantage of this site is that you get attention from a narrow, interested audience.


Brightcove offers extensive publishing options, advertising tools, and live streams from events. It’s a paid resource. However, there is a 30-day free trial, so you can try out the features that interest you. The main difference from other hosts is that here you can take advantage of advanced video publishing options and in-depth analytics.

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SproutVideo doesn’t offer many features for businesses, but you’re doing just fine when it comes to video quality. SproutVideo offers you to customize the visual appearance of your player to make the icons and buttons on your video different from other videos. In addition, you can take advantage of the analytics monitoring feature with lots of parameters and other engagement metrics.

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