Relevant Animated Video Advertising as the Answer to the Customer’s Pain

In this article, we’re considering how relevant animated explainer videos used in advertising can address customer problems and help solve them.

Relevant Animated Video Advertising as the Answer to the Customer’s Pain 20
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Animated videos are widely used in digital advertising today. If you’re wondering why so many brands choose them, it’s because they perform much better than any other content type. Animated videos catch the user’s attention in the over-crowded online landscape, provide something original and unique, and eventually give the solution to the customer problem. 

Appropriately targeted animated advertisements can become the relevant content that is supposed to give people relief and peace of mind by telling them how they can tackle their issues. It can become the answer to the customer’s pain. Let’s consider several whys and hows of this statement. 

An animated ad can provide the solution to the customer problem

Simple. If your ad targets the right audience, it automatically becomes relevant to them. Spiced up by animation and fun, it attracts their attention as the possible solution to their real problem. We usually react to things that match our reality. You need to investigate who your customers are, conduct detailed customer persona research to understand what kind of visuals, sounds and messaging will resonate with them the most. Explore whom your brand targets to create an advertisement that will match their reality.

Animation presents information in a simplified form

You can present information in an easy-to-understand format in animated videos, breaking complicated concepts into straightforward scenes and visuals. This content type allows companies to easily explain their processes, business ideas, how to use a service, or how the product works. There is no need to read the ad copy or long explanations since the user can understand your brand message at a glance: by watching a short animated video. A great narrative, engaging visuals and beautiful scenes can help communicate your idea even more effectively.

Explainer videos not only tell how to solve the problem. They also show it

The beauty of explainer videos lies in the fact that they not only tell how to solve the problem or how the product works, but they also demonstrate it. Music, sound effects, and the speaker’s voice are important elements of almost every commercial video. But they often just complement what the animation “speaks” about. The visual aspect of the video, animation and illustration, remain at the center focus of the consumer attention. 

This feature makes animated commercials highly effective in digital advertising since videos often don’t play sound automatically on social media; they just play the visual. It allows the user to see and understand what’s the video is about without even hearing about it. 

With animated explainers, learning can be entertaining

If your ad aims to educate people about something or explain a particular process, idea, product, an animated video may appear to be the best format for it. Besides essential information and a brand message, it also delivers a lot of fun and entertainment to users. It awakens sweet nostalgia and memories about childhood. This advertising approach allows delivering the necessary information to people and entertaining them simultaneously. Having fun while learning is always more productive.

Visual information is easier to understand and remember

In fact, 80% of information is perceived visually. It confirms that the visual representation of information is uber-important in marketing, especially when it comes to online advertising. Suppose you have around eight seconds to engage the user, deliver the message and let them process the received information. It’s an average attention span of modern online customers. Neither text nor image will manage to transfer this information effectively. Although it’s a real challenge, an animated video has more chances to cope with that.


Do you look to launch successful advertising? Do you still have some doubts regarding what content type to use? We suggest an animated commercial as the best solution and high-performing advertisement option. At Explain Ninja, we hope that this article will inspire you to incorporate animation into your marketing strategy to creatively interact with your target audience.

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