Is My Video Marketing Really Working? Analyzing.

Are you wasting huge sums of money on video marketing, but your business is still not prosperous? There are typical mistakes, which many web video production companies make, while developing explainer videos.

1. Absence of definite goals. A good video marketingmust have a targeted audience and clearly explain the people the advantages of your product and the benefits, which people will get, buying it.
2. An ill-defined message. If your explaining video speaks about your company – you fail. Nobody is interested in it. People want to know how to solve their problems.
3. Presence of specialized, crabbed words is difficult to understanding. Best animated explainer video companies do their best to be closer to ordinary people who are your potential clients.
4. A video has no response. Information must work on the level of emotions, touch feelings, appeal to the audience, making the people empathizeyour explainer video.
5. Your marketing video has no promotion plan. The strategy how your video will make its way to the audience must be thoroughly thought-out before releasing.
6. Insufficient budget. Over the last 5 years, cost of animation for business has considerably increased. You cannot have a good explainer video without paying for it much.
7. No motivation. After viewers have watched your video, they are supposed to do something. If your clip does not tell them what they must do – they will not do anything.
8. Absence of SEO-promotion. You have to determine the key words to the marketing movie, to post it on different sites and portals, where your potential clients are, to make up an email-company to send your video to the targeted audience, to test the clip on a focus-group. In other words, your marketing video can work providing there is a brilliant PR-company.

Fortunately, there is Ninja – a descent animated video production company, which makes exclusive explainer movies at very attractive prices.

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