How to Tell the Story of Your Company in One Minute

How to make the best explainer video for your business? This is the easiest way for someone to know about your company in one minute. You have to pack your story into a simple, light format that any viewer can conceive and understand.

Making a Plan

First of all, think of your audience, a place of display and plan. Your story should be connected to something that its particular audience cares about. This connection will hold their interest and pay closer attention.

You may choose the following plan for your video:

  • Problem.

Tell a few words about the company’s history, field of your business and most important achievements. Then continue by introducing a story where your possible customer is facing a problem you may solve. Try to sound emotionally and don’t forget about humor or funny situations.

  • Solution.

Answer to your customer’s problem, i.e. propose a proper solution.

  • Working method.

Why is your product unique? Explain what you do to be different from other market players. Does your solution apart from others?

  • Conclusion.

This is your call to action. “Check out our internet shop, sign up today, click the link now and you’ll get a discount, call our managers”, etc.

Some Tips about Writing

You may need technical advice from production studios which help with animated characters, assembling and sound effects.

When writing a scenario for your video, don’t forget about the following:

  • Be short and brief. Don’t use complicated sentences.
  • Keep out of the professional slang or jargon.
  • Speak to the right audience. Suppose you are a teenager, housewife or a person addicted to up-to-date devices and think what would be the great interest to them.
  • Make your customers laugh; add something jokes to your video.
  • Have a clear call to action.


A proper explainer video of a production company will increase your conversion rate and show better Google results if you post the video on your web site. You can also share your business story with the whole world.

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