How to make Resume Video

Nowadays video format is hot and applicable in any industry. Even when it comes to sending your CV for the job you desire. Creating video content that catches the audience’s attention, representing your skills and personal qualities in a precise and memorable way, is not so easy, especially for beginners.

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In this post, we will try to guide you through all stages of making an outstanding resume video.

What is a Video Resume

A video resume is a short video where you can present your skills, experience, and professional achievements to your potential employer. A resume video is a way to make a good impression on recruiters and get the career of your dream. Sounds interesting? Let’s get it done!

How to Make a Video Resume?

If you have no experience in creating videos, do not hesitate. You are not expected to make a Hollywood film. If you want to know how to make a video resume, you can use simple tools for the creation process. Follow these tips and watch some video resume examples. Besides, you always have an option to seek the help of an animation video production company that will guarantee your video resume to be high quality. 

Write a Script

As with any video content, it’s best to start with a script. Storytelling is a powerful tool so you can create the roadmap and fill it in with details. Take your written CV as a base. Start with a friendly greeting and introduction, then list your skills and experiences. Highlight your best work qualities and achievements. Finish with a targeted cover part. Show your motivation. When the script is ready, polish the style, and read it out loud a couple of times to rehearse. 

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Make a filmmaking location

It’s important not to underestimate the filmmaking location. Film your video resume in a quiet and minimalistic environment. Many people choose their own home if it’s not too noisy. The place should be well-lighted and tidy. You can get it cozier with the bookshelf or a plant pod behind you. Taking a couple of pictures might help you understand if the location is perfect.

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Obtain Recording Equipment and Set it Up

When the location is ready, it’s time to think about the recording equipment. You can use a professional camera or even your smartphone just to make sure that the quality of the video is good. Usually, the three-pot will help a lot in setting up the video equipment. If you borrowed a professional camera, and it’s your first time using it, make sure you are comfortable with the gadget. Place the equipment approximately one meter from you.

This is close enough to see and hear you clearly, and also doesn’t expose too much of the environment.

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Make a Few Recordings

Record the full speech trying not to peek into your notes too much. Reading from a paper never makes a good impression. You can put the text in front of your eyes and discreetly look at it while performing. Now watch the video, noticing what can be done better. Recording the take two, improve what you have noted, and do it until you feel the performance is perfected. 

Collect Additional Visuals

Inserting additional visuals will make your video resume more informative. Make sure the information is strategically organized, and the links are clickable.

Links to your portfolio, projects, or programs you were involved in will let the recruiter learn more about you. The other optional features are slides and pictures. Prepare all necessary materials in advance, so that everything is accessible when you start editing.

On Make It, Gary Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, explains why it’s so vital to provide all necessary links in your CV. “The resume had links to the person’s LinkedIn page and professional website, which included a portfolio of their work. This made it easier for me to fact-check the resume, which in turn made the candidate seem like an honest person.”

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Edit Your Video

Work with an easy program for video editings, such as Canva or iMovie. You may also find a YouTube video guide to find out how to make a video CV and handle more complex edits. Watch all take carefully, choosing the best ones, and cut the footage to make the story look and sound natural.

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Video Resume Making Tips

  • Be prepared – write a script and rehearse. Dress professionally and choose a location. Watch a video CV sample before you start. 
  • Be proud – don’t be afraid to stand out. Concentrate on a single experience or talent. 
  • Be humble – operate with KPI’s, numbers, and real benchmarks of your career. Review the employer’s guidelines. 
  • Be yourself – don’t hesitate to show your best personality.

Find out more ways how to make a professional video in our blog.  

Concentrate on a Single Experience or Talent

Trying to show that you are good at everything is not the best strategy. Instead, let’s focus on one strength. Pick a unique experience or a talent that is most relevant for the position you are applying for and make it the punch line of your speech. 

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Discuss a Feature That Isn’t Included in Your Application

Follow the requirements but don’t be afraid to stand out. The conversational form of the CV lets you do it. You can mention something that you didn’t include in your application. It may be a specific element but you have to find the right way to fit it into your CV. If it’s a hobby or an additional skill, make sure it’s related to the position or better reveals your suitability.

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Dress Professionally

Your outfit is a part of the first impression you make on the recruiter. Don’t overdress, smart casual look professional and presents you as someone who takes their chances seriously. But if you tend to wear bright colors, have a piercing, or love a particular hairstyle, feel free to express yourself appropriately. Always make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.

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Review the Employers Guidelines

Most likely you`ve already got some employer on your mind. It’s a good tone to look up the company where you are applying for a job. This research helps you understand better what kind of workplace it is, why you want to work there, and why you might be a good fit. When the homework is done, study the employer’s guidelines. Learn their requirements for your position, pay attention to the details. If there’s some specific demand, make sure you’ve included it. 

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Examples of Good Resume Videos

You might improve your understanding of what exactly you want to film by watching a resume video sample. To help you get inspired and expand your imagination, we collected different approaches. Focus on video resume examples that better reflect your personality and seem more suitable for the desired position.  

Open to a New Role Video Template

Good news for those who are a bit camera-phobic, you don’t need to record yourself.
There are video resume templates that let you create engaging video presentations. Open to a New Role includes only text, pictures, and attachments. Watch this CV video example. 

Animated CV Resume 2017

Animation gives more opportunities to share your skills and experiences. Make sure your animated resume looks professional. If you can’t do it, ask for help. To make your CV animation look advanced and inimitable, you have an option to seek the help of an animated video production company that will guarantee your video resume to be high quality. You may also watch this video resume sample to understand how it all works. 

Creative CV With Stop Motion – Mailis Pothe

The Stop motion effect captures one frame at a time, moving the objects slightly. This technique is frequently used in short social networking videos, advertisements, and resume videos as well. Here is one of the best video CV examples of this type.

Open to Work Video Template

LinkedIn’s feature Open to Work is a 30 seconds video template that will let your professional network know you are available. The benefit of this feature is that you can more than just send it to a potential employer. By posting it on LinkedIn, you get people interested in your skills. Here is an Open to Work video resume sample for freshers. 

Dear Valve: Hire Me

Creating a humoristic animated video and writing a song to get your dream job may sound a bit risky. But it’s certainly a good example of how to make resume video that really stands out. The chance to succeed with such an experimental approach will depend on the specifics of the company and the position you’re applying for. Watch this creative resume video example that got famous.

Rocket your career up!

We tried to guide you through all stages, giving useful tips on how to make a video resume. Making it requires preparation and dedication. It is usually a short and precise message that highlights the candidate’s strongest skills, experiences, and achievements. It shows their motivation to work at a certain company. A perfect video resume, despite being professional, has also a tad of humor and creativity. With all these components, your CV might take your career to the next level. 

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Do you have no experience in shooting videos? No worries. Delegate such an important step to our team of professionals. Save your time and focus on other stages of your dream career. Get in touch and we at Explain Ninja will do our best to make your video resume look out of competition.

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