How to Create a Fabulous Explanation Video

An explainer video is by rights one of the most effective tools to promote your products and services on the Internet with the goal to arose interest and motivate a potential client to make a certain action: buy your product, contact your call-center, sign up your site and etc. That is why an explanation video has some specified requirements. An experienced explainer video production creates astonishing explanation videos using proven marketing methods based on principles of crowd psychology.

How to make your explanation video fabulous

Explainer videos originate from TV advertising, but the Internet made some allowances in the rules due to its interactivity and the ability to involve a consumer into a dialogue. There are some well-proven methods used in the creation of a good explanation video:

  • employ professionals’ services. The market research, emphasizing the peculiarities of an offered product or service, the precise definition of a targeted audience, a creative video script without banalities, quality footage and a catching soundtrack are what a respectable video post-production studio offers to its clients.
  • Do not wear the people down! The length of a good explanation video must not exceed 3 minutes, otherwise, your potential clients will get tired and their attention will be lost.
  • A six-second rule. Try to arrest the viewers’ attention during the first 6-10 seconds, when the level of perception is maximum. If a client’s attention is not arrested with something magnificent and thrilling, the video is unlikely to be successful.
  • highlight the key points properly. A fabulous explanation movie does not present the functional abilities of a product but the benefits which a client will gain buying it.
  • all important features in a clip must have a large size and be easily understandable. Fine details spoil the attention and irritate a consumer.
  • Emphasize the most important things. The key information is marked with graphical effects and speech-offs. These speech-offs let a viewer better realize and structure the video information.
  • Call to action. The aim of this video is to prepare a potent client to perceive the very last phrase, which is to motivate and call for action. Calling to action is followed with a bright picture where the contact information is distinctly presented. This information must take enough time so that a user can put it down or remember.

You see that creating an outstanding and memorable explainer video is time and effort consuming. Leave it all to us! Explain Ninja is a well-experienced and respectable company, which creates animated videos for business. We do our best to promote your services and increase the number of your clients. Our team of the best professionals knows tons of psychological tricks and effective marketing methods that can persuade and motivate even a stubborn customer. Contact us and we will make your business prosper!

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