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Explainer videos in e-commerce

December 16, 2016

Analytic forecasts say that over 10 % of all sales in USA are going to be conducted via e-commerce in 2017. The online market develops very fast, so you should use the most effective ways to get to your potential client. An explanation video is a tool of social marketing. It will get your customer’s attention and interest, which leads to a purchase of your goods and services. A customer might share the video among his friends. Though there are lots of tutorials on how to make videos by yourself, it would be better to the business to leave the creation process to an explainer video studio. They have experience and know modern trends in design and e-marketing.

Presenting your new product to customers

You should explain your new business ideas to your clients and have a feedback whether they like it or not. A short information video expresses the principal idea and influences the the interest of the client towards your product.
As you can read in explainer video blog, such short clips help your customer. They mitigate the downsides of e-commerce, like the inability to touch the ware. A video creates a more realistic image of the good in a person’s mind, and a person trusts the supplier more. You can publish several videos that are oriented to different customer groups, because personalization is an important feature of modern Web 3.0 business.

Creating explanation videos

The explanation video production usually take a lot of time and hard work. A professional team can make a video presentation in about two month. If the target audience is spread worldwide, you may want to order a multi-language voice-over for the video. The process starts with design and composition of the story, and goes on with animation, voice-over, music and SFX.
The explainer video cost depends on the studio and the complexity of the project and can vary from $1,400 if the team is new and unknown to $16,000 if you are dealing with top-level companies.

Explainer video blog