Explain Ninja Enters The Manifest’s April Edition of Top 20 Video Production Companies in Poland

Explain Ninja, a Warsaw-based animation studio, was listed as one of the best video production companies in Poland for April 2021 by The Manifest.

Explain Ninja Enters The Manifest’s April Edition of Top 20 Video Production Companies in Poland 20
Illustration by Maya Nguen for Explain Ninja

Animated videos have become one of the most popular and favorite ways for brands to interact with a target audience, present their products or services, advertise and build customer loyalty. Today, we see various types of animated commercials, product animations and service explanatory videos on our screens, and businesses that have embraced the most creative approach to video production earn customer love and loyalty.

The animation video production landscape has changed much over the last year. We see the rise of new companies leading the competition. A Poland-based animated explainer video production company, Explain Ninja remains among the industry leaders in Poland’s market this year too. In April 2021, the studio entered the list of the best video production companies in Poland compiled by The Manifest, one of the most authoritative B2B market analytics and ranking platforms.

Explain Ninja — Animation Innovation from Warsaw

Explain Ninja is an animated explainer video production company based in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2013, the company has served over 200 clients worldwide and produced hundreds of animated videos. The studio offers a full-cycle video production suite that spans scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voiceover and sound design. Brands with globally known names such as Google, Atlassian, Codio, Bolt, and MyTaxi have already created their business videos with Explain Ninja.

Approach to the animation process

Explain Ninja is known for its explainer videos with strong storytelling and unique character design that make the main vibe of every animation work. Before creating the video, the team conducts detailed industry and business research, notes the client’s objectives and key requirements, and figures out the work scope. Explain Ninja brings together dedicated Art Directors, creative illustrators, and professional animators that deliver high-quality products. Also, the company collaborates with an extensive network of voice artists and famous composers who help create a premium sound and voice for every video.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Explain Ninja actively collaborates with creative marketing and advertising agencies, as well as directly with brands. Among its recent clients, there are startups, small businesses, medium-sized companies, and global enterprises. If you have the idea of an animated video for your business and would like to discuss any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at [email protected].

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