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Do-it-Yourself vs. Video Animation Company (Part I)

April 11, 2017

Before a production process a company decides whether to use video software by itself or hire a video production agency. Let’s consider pros and cons of these two options.
In this article we will tell about a do-it-yourself way.

  • Free of cost or rather cheap. Video maker software is reasonable priced and the best choice for a start up business. Moreover, you don’t have to be a genius at IT to make your own product or service demo video.
  • Building your brand concept. By using Pow Toon, Go Animate or Camtasia you can make a visual image of your company, a particular product or service and educate your target audience in your own way. You don’t have to spend much time explaining what exactly you want.
  • Expanding horizons. New knowledge and expertise is always a good idea. Creating explanation videos may become your hobby or even a job in the future. Watch the best explainer videos to improve your knowledge.
  • It takes time. Whereas an explainer video company has enough experience and professional tools for production, it will take you a lot of time to master all steps in creating a video. You may lack profession and technical expertise to do it quickly and effectively.
  • Lower quality. Well, let’s face it: you cannot achieve the professional quality using the simplest tools and characters for your video. Web video production is not an easy task despite a number of modern software.
  • Know your customer. Are you sure you are a real market expert? Note that production companies hire market managers to analyze the results of your video. Are you familiar with ROI, CTA, conversion and proper analysis of statistics?
  • Absence or lacking of good content. Unfortunately, your video may lack compelling content or proper script. Animation companies hire experienced script writers for creating unique and entertaining information. They adhere to a particular story structure and secrets of marketing texts.

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