Product Explainer Video for Brand Development

From startups to well-known brands, an explainer video for business is a cost-effective tool for demonstrating a particular product.
A demonstration video transforms a complicated description or dull information into entertaining content in different forms like colorful cartoons or branded video production company  whiteboard animation. What do production services include? Animated video production companies can manage a production process from A to Z including script, design, post-production, ideas concerning a call to action and voice-over.

Advantages of Product Explainer Videos

  • A video makes your product shine and distinguishes it among others.
  • Any enterprise has competitors who sell the same product to the same customers. A video sets your product apart from the other companies and highlights it specialness. The customers will remember a catchy visual and audio for a long time.
  • Development of brand visibility. Building emotional connection is a crucial point for brand management. The video characters show that a video was created especially for customers and care about their problems suggesting solutions. It also makes people recognize a brand and remember of it when a logo appears anywhere.
  • Explanation of a product within a few minutes. A video will promptly attract views and guarantees viewership increase. An animated video for business is also an effective option to humanize a brand. The characters can reflect a brand’s components and principles and speak directly to the target audience.
  • Engagement with audience. Explainer videos generate attention and engagement within seconds. It’s a well-known fact, that people retain 50% of the information they see in comparison to what they hear.
  • Gain in sales. In addition to brand awareness and identification, a video boosts a company’s sales and increases conversion rates in the buying cycle.

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