5 Steps to Win the Struggle for Leads with an Animated Video

It’s not enough to attract the visitors to your site. The most important thing is to make them  buy something. The lead generation is a tricky business which requires some expert steps and routine work. And the animated video for business is one of the best assistants. So how to win the leads with it?

Step 1: explicit content around explainer video

Engage the short video explanation of the product into clear well-optimized content. It can be a textual description of its features, images of ways of product using and so on. The perfect situation is if the product’s landing page contains links to the purchase and questions forms.

Step 2: the offer which melts the hearts

The web video production is a perfect method to make an offer which melts the hearts. It can be realized via characters’ actions or the voice intonation. The success of Italian satellite platform Conto TV is connected with their promo video. The people of different ages and genders told about interesting programs with real emotions. This feature allowed them to attract the thousands of customers in Italy and some regions of Switzerland.

Step 3: make a web video relevant to your industry

It’s important to make the web video relevant to your industry. This means that you need to use the most frequent keywords both in the script and in definitive fields of your movie. The keyword research is a difficult task. The qualified specialists will help you to solve this problem.

Step 4: Involve social networks

Each respective video production studios allows the user to embed the clickable links to social networks inside the explainer movie. Use it to turn the in the interactive offer. The user will have a chance to ask you the questions or order immediately after watching it.

Step 5: don’t skimp the budget

The generation of leads is impossible without worth seeing video. The cost of the high-definition product is high as the video production studios use expensive professional software and qualified actors for the best voiceover. So take this into account when you calculate the budget for your project.

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