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10 Secrets of Video Marketing

January 23, 2017

Sufficient consumer traffic and conversion rates are not enough for a great video marketing campaign. What else do you need for an inspiring and catchy video?

  • Concentrate on a story, not just on sale goals. Think of your client’s needs, problems and desires; pay more attention to the values you are going to provide for your audience. Bring the story to life humanizing your product and brand.
  • During the explainer video production make sure that you present the solution to your customer’s problems and demonstrate it in a simple way using screenshots, animation and photographs.
  • Get right to the grit of your story within the first 5-15 seconds using teasers. Why should your customers watch the video? If you introduce a new company, do it within 30 seconds.
  • Call to action. This is one of the essential steps in marketing.
  • “How to promote my business using SEO and optimization?” most entrepreneurs ask market experts. We hope you don’t forget what keywords, search engine, unique titles and target search are.
  • Forget about boring and conservative videos! Marketing and advertising are all about imagination. You audience want to laugh, admire and feel enlightened. An animated explainer videv is really a good idea in this case.
  • Add video tags so that people could easily find a way to the product they are interested in.
  • Upload your marketing video directly instead of linking cross channel. A native video gets more views and likes.
  • An advertising video for business often assumes educating your buyers. Provide useful tips and fact about your product or service or create a webinar. This would be a social proof for your business.
  • Use some professional techniques: a soundtrack and voiceover. Bad audio can ruin your video. The Internet offer different sources for creating a processional sound for everyone.

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