Why People React to Animated Videos in Digital Advertising?

In this article, we consider why animated commercials are so effective in digital marketing and advertising. Keep on reading to learn about the engagement power of animated marketing videos!

Are you looking to advertise creatively? Then, an animated commercial is a marketing practice that’s definitely worth your attention. Today, we can see the increasing number of micro-videos used for advertising purposes on YouTube or other video-based platforms. Short videos perform great in digital marketing

However, if they are animated, the engagement rates become sky-high. In this article, we will take a quick look at why an animated video is so effective and powerful in contemporary advertising. Let’s start without further ado.

First of all, animation is fun

The first reason to use animation in advertising is that it delivers fun and entertainment to people. It seems an obvious reason, but still important to mention here. Animated commercials provide an emotional appeal to viewers, drive their interest in the brand that cared to raise the consumer’s mood and bring some positive feelings to them. 

The lockdown forced us to stay at home and restricted access to many entertainment opportunities. People want a little bit more “sunshine” and fun in their lives today, and brands can give it to them through animated advertising. With engaging and humorous video-ads, you can reach two goals at the same time: to positively influence the overall social mood and increase your conversion rates. 

Animation drives nostalgia

Animated commercials remind us of those almost forgotten moments from our childhood and the hours of watching Disney movies on TV. Animation brings sweet childhood memories back to our today and allows us to enjoy a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.

Moreover, according to neuropsychological studies, nostalgia helps filter our negative emotions and decrease depression. Search Engine Magazine also admits that visuals that evoke nostalgia are very effective in marketing. 

Animation keeps the viewer’s attention

Modern customers are mostly bored and exhausted by ordinary ads. The animation is a great way to bring more freshness and excitement to their news feeds and social media. It allows advertisers to keep the viewer’s attention and encourage people to listen to the brand’s message communicated in the video. 

Animated ads perform much better than other content types, as they make the user stop their scroll and enjoy something visually beautiful and fun. It’s a great moment for the company to say what it intended to bring to its target audience.

Animation speaks about complex ideas in a simple form

Whether your brand operates in the manufacturing, fashion, IT, or beauty industries, animated commercials suit everywhere. It also means that no matter the complexity of the idea you aim to transfer to the consumer, the animated video can cope with this challenge in the most surprising and creative ways. 

Animation allows you to break a complicated concept down into simple visuals and easy-to-understand scenes in the video. It lets you pass the information to the viewer step by step, gradually. This practice is also great in terms of cognitive load and helps people “digest” information more easily.

Custom animation is a great way to express your brand’s style

Companies can extend their audience and win consumer loyalty by producing animated commercials that reveal their brand voice and spirit. Animated videos can involve the primary branding colors, mascots, logotype, and even motto. Incorporating some of these elements of brand identity into video advertising will help you increase brand awareness and recognizability.

Wrapping Up 

Aren’t you sure about whether to use an animated explainer video in digital advertising or not? We hope that this article has provided sufficient background for making this decision. Although animation performs excellently in most cases, there is always room for other practices and creative manifestations. At Explain Ninja, we believe in the power of animated videos and can help you implement them.

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