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According to Biteable, 32% of businesses use video content for sales. If you haven’t already started using video for your content strategy, now is the time!

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Lily for Fireart Studio

You’ve probably noticed that videos make up a huge portion of social media content. However, it takes a lot of effort to create a quality video. 

Let’s face it. Experience and observation are more important than the money invested! 

It is something you have to try.

A video is an effective tool for achieving business goals. Of course, if you use it wisely. There’s nothing wrong with peeking at the experiences of other companies.

We’ve put together video portfolio website examples of quality content to motivate you to create your video content. We hope the examples will inspire you to create the perfect clip! 

Let’s get started.

A video overview gives your audience an understanding of what makes your brand unique. Highlighting your business’s strengths can help you stand out in a sea of similar products and services. And using video to leverage what sets you apart create brand awareness within your local community more effectively than static images or written content.

Jason Hsiao, Chief Video Officer and Co-Founder of Animoto.

Types of Video Portfolio Websites

The video portfolio helps you collect your work in one place to show it to clients or use it for marketing activities. It’s a convenient way to categorize your content and have access to it at all times. 

Even if you don’t have enough content to build a real portfolio yet, you can see how other companies do it. Be prepared in advance so that you won’t have a hard time at the right time. By the way, even if you already have at least one video, you can create a portfolio and populate it as you create videos (you don’t stop at just one video, do you?)

There are several ways that companies use to create their portfolios. We’ll take a look at the most popular ones – a self-hosted website and Squarespace service.

Self-Hosted Website

The perfect way to create a portfolio is to put it on a separate website. It will help make your presentation even better in the eyes of your customers and give you unlimited possibilities in design.

If your company already has a website, it would be enough to create a corresponding section and collect all the examples of your video clips there. This way, you can catch two birds with one stone to show the work to your regular customers and throw off the link for new ones. Perfect!

If you don’t have a website yet and have no experience creating websites, use free CMS platforms. It could be WordPress, Tilda, Wix, etc. To put your site on these platforms, you will need to take care of the hosting provider. Choose from those companies that specialize in hosting videos.

Everything is in your hands! Different website builders will give you different options. It all depends on how much time and money you are willing to allocate to develop your portfolio.


This second option is more suitable for beginners. If you’re just starting your journey into video content creation and don’t have experience creating portfolios, take advantage of Squarespace!

Here you will find a convenient video portfolio website template that will help you create a bright and detailed portfolio. The site is very easy to set up. You will find that Squarespace is mainly a resource for designers and videographers to upload their portfolios to, but you can also use it for commercial purposes.

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As you can see, creating a video portfolio is not a complicated task, even if you are a newbie. You just need to have some videos and free time. 

Video Portfolio Website Examples

Well, that’s it. 

We got the theory out of the way. Now it’s time to get to the fun part!

Let’s take a look at some great videographer website examples.

Active Theory

Active Theory combines videography portfolio examples with animation perfectly in their portfolio. It is a great site to be inspired to create your portfolio. Just look at how stylish and informative the guys have designed their site! It’s a pleasure to watch their work.

The company also provides VR and AR solutions. It is a great example of creating a portfolio and putting all your work in an interactive format. The company’s best works are collected here for clients and users to get acquainted with the portfolio. The site is fully interactive – try to go to different sections and be surprised how well the functionality is implemented here!

Video Portfolio Examples 22
Active Theory

Jacob McKee

Next in the line of cool portfolio video examples is the Jacob McKee portfolio site. It is a specialist who does color grading for movies and music videos. See for yourself how many famous and popular personalities Jacob McKee has managed to work with.

The author used here the principle of minimalism and contrast. When you hover over the section you are interested in; you will see a frame from the clip. This format helps not disperse the user’s attention and focus on what you are really interested in. 

Video Portfolio Examples 23
Jacob McKee

Radioaktive Film

Next, we suggest you pay attention to the Ukrainian studio, Radioaktive Film. It is a company for the production of video clips and films. On the site, you will find a lot of solutions from the field of visual content creation. The company creates music videos, feature films, and shows. They also create content for their clients’ social networks. 

The design format of the website resembles Jacob McKee’s portfolio. When you hover over the video’s title, the website will show you a single frame from there. Check out the company’s work in their interactive portfolio, and maybe this site will inspire you to create your presentation site.

Video Portfolio Examples 24
Radioaktive Film

Khao Lê

Another great case on how to make a video portfolio is the portfolio web page of Khao Lê, a Canadian filmmaker, stage director, and video designer, as well as an author of versatile video footage.

In the portfolio, you can find both commercial and artworks: music videos, fashion films, online ads, promotional campaigns, etc. As for the site itself, it is very interactive and engaging, with many dynamic components. At the same time, it is not overloaded with text or decor elements. This underlines the central role of the author’s works — videos.

Video Portfolio Examples 25
Khoa Le

Secret Wood

Secret Wood may also serve as a good example of how to make a video portfolio. This group of filmmakers elaborated a unique style of telling stories via movies. There are documentaries, short films,  commercials, music videos, and many other topic-oriented works in their portfolio.

We can find some short videos on their web page that showcases their skills and approach to work. An interesting combination of colors and a great depiction of the characters’ emotions create an unforgettable perception of the video.

Video Portfolio Examples 26
Secret Wood

Gath Productions

Gath is a video production company that unites a team of filmmakers and photographers who create digital media content. Their web page opens access to the enormous previous background of the company. A variety of videos and photos show their extensive previous experience in videography.

Among all the commercials, wedding videos, and documentaries, viewers can clearly see the professionalism of Gath. Since all the materials are available for acquaintance, everyone can look through and make sure personally. 

Video Portfolio Examples 27
Gath Productions

Video Portfolio Examples

Now we’re going to look at some other video portfolio examples. 

Get ready – it’s going to be interesting!

The Carbonmade portfolio

With a video portfolio template, you can create a perfect solution to show your work to clients.

Video Portfolio Examples 28

The video reel

Create a video in which you present snippets of your best work. You can put this video on your website or the company’s social networks. A quick and easy way to create a portfolio without creating a website.

Here’s an example of such a video from Blake Ridder. 

Demo Reel 2020 – Filmmaker | Editor | Cinematographer – Ridder Films

The self-hosted website

The third option for creating a website with a portfolio is to take advantage of designers. There are both advantages and disadvantages. There is no video portfolio web template, but you can create everything you can imagine. You are not limited to the functionality of portfolio sites. 

Just look at this example! 

Salomon Ligthelm created a colorful portfolio, and if you hover over a frame of video, you can see a fragment. What a great interactive solution!

Video Portfolio Examples 29


Format offers a variety of templates on how to create a video portfolio with a distinct style and creative design. Users can take a look at versatile examples of portfolios already created with the company’s services.

An interesting feature of Format is that it acts as a one-stop-shop for the creative industry, offering portfolio solutions for all spheres in one set: photography, video, illustrative painting, and so on. In addition, the company provides storage, hosting, and a merch marketplace.
If you have any doubts about how to make a video portfolio, customer support service is always ready to help.

Video Portfolio Examples 30


Good service that allows you to build a video portfolio without creating a web resource. Versatile templates offer opportunities to cover almost every sphere of video implementation: business, cartoons, Instagram intros, explainers, and many more.

Video Portfolio Examples 31

Final Thoughts

A video portfolio is a great way to showcase your success in video content production. There are several ways to get all your videos in one place. Just choose the one that’s right for you and go for it! At Explain Ninja, we’re here to help you to create animated videos for business. Our main goal is to improve the quality of our customers’ videos. 

What are you waiting for? Just leave us a note, we’ll respond faster than Flash would do!

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