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These anticipations toward the future of digital marketing and customer expectations can help businesses get ready for the new brand content video market rules and changes rushing to us in the upcoming year.

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Photo by Anthony DELANOIX via Unsplash

We might expect that 2024 will bring business trends related to compassion amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying recession. And yes, maybe. However, in this article, we’re going to consider something different. The trends above are more about stone-hard patience, business resilience, flexibility, and required changes that will help succeed in 2024. 

Respect to customers, business cartoons, customer socializing, rethought influencer marketing, and more digital marketing trends for your inspiration. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them. 

Respect, Not “Love” for Customers Is All That Matters

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Flexibility and resilience are top priorities

By saying “love,” we mean sweet advertising talkings and brands’ promises to deliver all the best to their buyers. The world is now staying on the verge of making the huge jump from the convenient and usual into new, frightening, and prospective. The coronavirus made us rethink our values and understand that flexibility and resilience are top priorities required to survive in the post-pandemic world. However, not everyone is thinking in this way…

Many people aren’t ready

Many people aren’t ready. Customer irritation increasingly arises because of too long waiting for their purchases because of the disrupted logistics chain during the lockdown restrictions. The inbox of customer support representatives is overflowed with people’s queries regarding the changes in the company’s usual processes. 

The customers’ overall psychological tension is more frequently expressed in the negative comments under the brand’s posts on social media. These are just several examples of what’s happening in the business behind the scenes.

Understanding and help

In these conditions, companies need to realize that the priorities have switched from the promises about being the best for their customers to just being honest with them. Respect for customers is all that will matter, particularly in current challenging times. 

Companies should maintain a continuous dialog with their customers on social media through regular updates about the change in processes and operations. Keeping them informed about changes is one of the aspects of respect. Customer support is gaining even greater importance. Trends like AI-powered proactive live chats, self-service customer platforms, brand’s social profiles created specifically for customer service, and other innovative customer experience trends will be very actual.  

Animation in B2B. Cartoons Will Drive The Business World

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Animation by Vladislav Olshevsky for Explain Ninja

Although businesses worldwide used to apply advertising as the most effective means of promotion, things have changed. In 2024, we expect to see the rise of animation and video marketing. Entertaining, fun, and unsalesy – animated videos are the most powerful tool for audience engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness today. 

What’s most important, the combination of all these factors allows multiplying conversions and achieving even better results than with advertisement in the past years. These are just some of the many reasons to add an animated video to a B2B marketing strategy. 

Companies from different industries use animated explainer videos to communicate the brand’s ideas to a target audience, describe complicated business processes and concepts, educate customers on how to use a particular product or service, train internal staff, etc. Animated videos are also widely used in digital marketing. They help a brand stand out from competitors being used in social media, online advertising, email marketing, or simply on a website.

Digital Design as The Identifier of The Brand’s Quality

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Design by Nathan Riley for green chameleon

Today, many people identify whether the company is trustworthy, considering a set of factors, including previous customer reviews, content, and… Design. The design plays a crucial role in the digital business presence. Great website design, mobile app design, or design of any other digital product or marketing materials adds credibility to the company and significantly contributes to a brand reputation. 

In the contemporary world, business-driven digital product design is often perceived as the identifier of the company’s authoritativeness and quality of its products (or services). As a digital marketer, you should keep it in mind when creating a visual part of content and advertising since you’re directly affecting the customer’s first impression of the company.

Customer Socialization Amidst The Lockdown

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Photo by Zac Ong via Unsplash

The lockdown has become part of our reality, unfortunately. While most people stay at home, the need for online socializing is increasingly growing. We have missed offline communication and human-to-human interaction. Regardless of the industry and business specifics, modern customers seek a way to socialize even during online shopping or interacting with their favorite brands online.

In these conditions, the importance and popularity of brand community marketing are increasing. Thus, we recommend paying particular attention to building an online community around the company on social media, forums, self-service customer portals, etc. Encouraging followers to interact with each other and your company is a great practice that will help you address the customer’s urgent need for socialization. 

Brand Executives as Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is a widespread marketing practice that allows brands to connect with their target audience personally. In 2024, we will witness the growing popularity of the new brunch of influencer marketing – “executive influencer marketing” or personal branding of the brand leaders, in other words. 

We anticipate that many businesses will build relationships with their customers through their executives, top managers, and leaders. Today, the influencer is somebody who creates the content for a community of followers. Usually, this person knows the field inside out, is always aware of all the latest trends, and can provide valuable advice on it. 

The influencer is someone trustworthy and impactful, someone, whose opinion matters to many. Thus, brand leaders perfectly align into this category and may act as the brand’s own influencers to set close relationships with a target audience.   

The Future Is Rushing to Us. Is Your Marketing Ready to Meet It?

Although the future is almost unpredictable these digital trends are very likely to be on the rise in 2024. Your business is the direct reflection of yourself as an entrepreneur, your readiness to accept the new, flexibility to changes, and resilience to challenges. Hopefully, these business predictions will inspire you to amplify these abilities and make your business even more successful in 2024.  

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