Types of Content in Explainer Video Production

Creating content is a crucial part of explainer video production. Even if a company made marvelous design and characters for its video, it won’t be able to retain the target audience without memorable content.

What are the important features of content to share with your customers?

  • Specifying the target audience. When entrepreneurs create and explainer video it is assumed that they know their target audience. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on certain people to whom the business is for. A video should grab their interest and correspond to their needs exactly.
  • The actual explanation of a product or service. Keep the explanation clear and short and attract the audience at the same time. Don’t use complicated professional language except for the cases when a video is designated to the real experts at a particular field. For explanations it’s useful to involve an animated video company because animation is a great tool to turn difficult topics into entertainment.
  • Benefits of a product of service. This point is especially important for startup video production when a particular product is presented on the market for the first time. Explain your views what your product has that others don’t.
  • Determining problems and finding solution. A video should accurately define the problem your audience can experience. Then a product should be presented as the best solution to their problem. For example, if you advertise outsourcing services for B2B, it’s necessary to number all advantages of these services and how they solve companies’ problems.
  • Call to action. Make sure you give enough time for call to action (CTA). Viewers not only watch your video, but subscribe to newsletters, purchase a product, click a link related to discounts, share your video, etc.

Therefore, content for a video with live characters and animated video production should include these points to retain the audience and increase their interest.

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