Top 7 Animated Videos Hitparade from Explain Ninja

Nowadays, video advertising is a must-have for successful business promotion. Do you agree? How to tell about your services to the maximum number of people in a limited period of time? – Explainer videos are still the best way.

Top 7 Animated Videos Hitparade from Explain Ninja 20
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Why do people love videos and how they help businesses strive?

Since a business is successful only when its product evokes an emotional response in customers, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of design and video production trends.

What is the secret to explainer videos’ popularity among both the users and the businesses? The answer is simple: they evoke emotions. Video advertising via animated video design allows you to show the uniqueness of the product, create positive, warm associations, and arise interest in the company, making your customers loyal and coming back over and over again for more and more positive emotions.

Emotional connection with the client is the advantage of the company over competitors. This is how the business becomes reputable. The product is memorable and stands out from the background of analogs due to the plot that the viewer liked thanks to the positive emotions, with a desire to watch the video to the end and get the product or service right away.

Which video will be the right choice for your business?

Among the variety of genres and video types, you are welcome to pick the best suited for your business and your goals. There are two main types of commercials: animated and staged (shooting) from us you may try as an ultimate inspiration. The most popular genres of animated advertising are video explainers and image videos.

An explainer is a short explainer video about your company, product, or how a new service or application works. It helps to make complex information accessible. The popularity of explainers is due to the ability to tell the maximum amount of information in a short period of time.

An image video increases brand awareness, and becomes its hallmark due to a memorable visual range, a bright idea. Such a video attracts the attention of the viewer without words – rather appropriate musical accompaniment and wonderful animation elements.

An animated commercial is a sequential demonstration of graphic images. With the help of graphic tools, you can create fictional, fantastic characters, and cartoon characters, show real objects from the outside and inside, and reflect complex biological and technical processes using a virtual camera.

7 Quality Animated Videos for Inspiration

And here are some of the most incredible works that hit the parade:

1. Waves

Waves and spheres

2. Bubbles

Incredible bubbles in the sphere

3. Blue planet

Check out our Blue Planet animation

4. Tunnel

A Tunnel for a commerce engine

5. Shops

Beautiful shops animated

6. Spearline

A part of the video we did for Spearline

7. Vishay

You may also watch the full video on Vimeo and Behance

Handpicked and kindly provided by Explain Ninja.

To Wrap Up

Business is successful only when its product evokes an emotional response in customers, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of design and video production trends. The effectiveness of a video is directly proportional to the profit made, and the growth of interest in your product or service after it is placed on various advertising platforms for distribution. By taking the time to create excellent animated video explainers and promote them at the initial stage, you will come to explosive growth in the interest of the audience asap. Good luck!

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