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Do-it-Yourself vs. Video Animation Company (Part II)

April 15, 2017

In the previous article we discussed pros and cons of making an explainer video by a company’s own efforts. If you hire a video production agency you will get some advantages and disadvantages, too.


  • Expensive project. Many production companies are pretty expensive for some budgets especially if it’s a start up business with no revenue. You will have to do some research to find a company which offers quality videos at a reasonable price. Make necessary calculations before the production. And don’t forget to include marketing analysis costs after the production to assess the effectiveness of your video.
  • Video making process. An explainer video company has experienced professionals who adhere to set procedures during the whole process to achieve the best result. Your video is created properly step by step. Your insights and suggestions will be integrated with video-making practices.
  • Time saving. If you hire a team of professionals you save your time as you don’t have to spend much time studying production software and marketing secrets.
  • A whole team of professionals. Web video production involves not only IT specialists and designers, but scriptwriters, copywriters, marketers, illustrators and animators who work together to create the best video. Even if you are a great designer it may be difficult for you to write a script or analyze marketing strategies.
  • Brand awareness. The best explainer videos fulfill many functions: they increase sales, traffic and conversion, broaden brand awareness and build a customer base. Only a professional production company can provide you with a product video that will boost sales and build the brand image in the target audience. In addition to that, a company will help you to create a number of brand stories that can inspire the viewers.

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