Creative Explainer Video Examples That Tell a Great Brand Story

We will be brief: these are the most creative explainer videos. According to Explain Ninja, of course. Hopefully, you will enjoy watching them!

Creative Explainer Video Examples That Tell a Great Brand Story 20
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

So, you probably already know that explainer videos are cool, that’s why you’re here. Whether you want to communicate a business idea, explain how to do something, or introduce a new product/service, an explainer video can do it more effectively than any other content type. 

The video transmits information at several levels of perception simultaneously and provides a better comprehension of the message. By watching the visual and hearing the voiceover, we receive a full idea or at least we get a more comprehensive understanding of it than by using just one of these perception channels (audial or visual). 

However, nothing will explain the power of explainer videos better than… an explainer video. Column Five Media has produced its own explainer video about explainer videos. Enjoy it below.

Now, you know everything about the genuine value of an explanatory video for business. Next, we consider how an informative video can transform and become a creative way to tell your brand story. Here we share our top 5 most favorite explainer videos that tell great product and company stories.

“Dumb ways to die” by Passion Paris

The first explainer video example is “Dumb ways to die,” produced by Passion Paris. What we liked the most about this video is the excellent sense of humor embodied in animation. We mean, black humor. The funny dance of heroes that experienced “dumb ways to die” in the video is a brilliant combination of the so-called “black fun” with an educational purpose – to tell about the dangers that we should avoid in order not “to die in a dumb way”.

“Unwanted Tracking Is Not Cool” by BLACKMATH

This is a very lovely explainer video about, a service that allows users to prevent unwanted online tracking. The idea about a puppet octopus and its digital representation is fantastic! Here you can watch a frightening and genius story about an octopus that faced the challenges of data collection and online breaches. This video also gives you the solution to avoid such a scenario. Do you like this explanatory video example? We definitely do!

“Our Blades Are F***ing Great” by

Their blades are “f***ing great,” and this video makes you believe in it. It’s a very creative and bold video about DollarShaveClub, the brand that delivers razors and other personal grooming products. “We’re!” – the main hero shamelessly promotes the brand saying it during the entire video. It’s a very naive and funny way to raise brand awareness among the target audience. And guess what! This tactic worked out. At least, it worked out for us at Explain Ninja because this video made us visit their website to check out those “f***ing great” blades.

“Stampsy Launch Video” by Twistedpoly // Nejc Polovsak

Are you still hungry for more animated explainer video examples? We have something for you. It’s “Stampsy Launch Video.” We love how Twistedpoly has done it. This video combines excellent graphics and perfect animation. The overall visual aesthetic makes you wanna watch it again and again. Twistedpoly, (if you read this article) you’re cool guys, we must admit it. Dear reader, please enjoy their video below. 

“Nexus Introductory Video” by Explain Ninja

After introducing our competitors, we’re going to shamelessly present our new animated explainer video created for Nexus, a self-serve product that allows content creators to make their own game stores. 

So, have you ever been to the imaginative gaming world where the challenges, games, fights, and wins are blended into one adventurous mix? If not, you should watch this animated video! We sincerely hope you’ll have fun while watching our animation work and that you’ll forgive us for our immodesty. ?

It’s our video :)

Wrapping Up

We hope you have enjoyed what you have seen and read above. Each of these videos is cool and creative in its unique way. If you have had fun and got inspired when watching them, our today’s goal is achieved. Do you want to learn about the latest trends in the animation production industry? Stay tuned with Explain Ninja

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