Why Do You Need a Storyboard for Your Video?

If you are going to create an awesome marketing video the first step is to make a storyboard for it. A storyboard is a series of sketches that show how shots of your video will be represented. It helps marketing managers, camera persons and editors put all pieces together.

What are its key features?

A storyboard may include visual and audio elements, graphic and text. Templates of a storyboard are created via Word, PowerPoint, Celtx or simply completed in pencil. They consist of title and number area, description of sound effects and graphic, interaction area that describe the interactions occurring on a shot and branching area (navigation).
It’s better to address a video marketing agency which can help you with drawing and using of scripting software.

Why do you need to make a storyboard? It fulfills the following functions:

  • The storyboarding process identifies the principal scenes in your story and reflects what you would like to shoot in it. Moreover, it determines scenes, actions and dialogues, places voiceovers and graphic as well as helps a story’s continuity. It combines each point together.
  • It turns the concept into action shots.
  • It’s a production schedule and budget for your future marketing story.
  • It really saves your time and makes the production process easier.
  • As soon as you completed your storyboard you can see all pros and cons of your future explanation video and correct the mistakes in advance. When creating a storyboard, you work with editors, narrators and designers. Take into consideration all their ideas and accept their input.

A storyboard is a background of your future commercial. It’s a detailed plan that everyone can agree on and follow. The templates allow you to get rid of the ideas that are not useful for the video. So, it is the best way to share your vision and opinion before you present the video to your customer.

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