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How to explain principles how something works? You can do
this in two ways. The first is a text which reflects each detail.
The second is an explanation video with perfect visuals. The
video method is more effective as your audience will perceive
the information with eyes.You can use it for business purposes,
social propaganda or a lot of other goals which requires
explanation or teaching.

Our animated video production company offers full
manufacture cycle of explanation videos. It consists of some
stadiums. Our principal rule is dont move further until you
accept the previous work. If you wan’t to gain quick results
and ensure the customers you are transparent and open to
cooperation, call to our web video production company
right now!

explainer video production


The first is briefing via Skype or other
comfortable way for you. At start you
tell us the details about functioning
your business. Our key questions are
your target audience and the problem
you need to solve with the explanation
video. Then we discuss the genre,
visuals, deadline and other details of
our cooperation. This factors impact
the primary price and speed of
production of the video.


Then we write a script for your short
explanation movie. We’ll make it as
simple as possible to understand.
The main characters will be the best
reflection of your employers and
customers. After the script is accepted
by you, our experts will build the story
scene after scene on a special board.
It will become a base for thousands
of illustrations created by our graphic

And finally

The final stages are shooting of the
video and voiceover by your preferred
actors. Then we carefully connect the
video with the ready sound. Finally we
deliver it to you for accept. You have
right to ask us to revise the video if it
doesn’t match with your desired goals.