The 5 Best Explainer Video Examples in 2021

Feb 19, 2021 · 5 min read

An explainer video is a great tool for growing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Here we overview five explainer videos that have become our recent inspiration. We hope you will enjoy them too.

The 5 Best Explainer Video Examples in 2021 1
Friends by Magda for Explain Ninja

Companies that want to interact with their audiences more creatively and give them entertainment use explainer videos to present their products in the online world. Explainer videos have a great storytelling power that engages people, creates a lasting impression about the brand, and sticks to the audience’s memory. It’s a great way to grow brand awareness and consumer loyalty. Recently, we have discovered these five commercials and would like to share them with you. Without further ado, let’s consider these cool videos and why we find them great. 

Amazon Go

We love how Amazon has introduced its product in an explainer video. It’s simple and straight to the point. The video clearly describes the product’s essence and demonstrates how it can help the user solve their problem. What we like about this video is that it starts with a brief brand story smoothly incorporated into a product presentation. Also, we find it great that the video is short, but this timing is enough to communicate the product idea in full. It’s also a nice idea to answer possible consumer questions directly in the video and show how to use the product in realistic situations. 


This Twitter’s explainer video is not new, but it’s so engaging and enjoyable that we have decided to include it in the list. The video starts and plays out like a real blockbuster movie. The scenario and script are incredible and keep the viewer’s attention completely stuck to the screen. 

From the second one of this animation video, you start feeling interested in this story about the guy that has created a crazy buzz in his city by unsuccessfully trying to sign up on Twitter. Everyone is carrying about who is Kenny G and how this tremendous story will end. Indeed, who is Kenny G? What this explainer video to find it out.


Now, we’d like to shamelessly introduce our recent animated video produced for CrowdSec, a cybersecurity startup. This video features a simple story about the danger of data breaches to users and provides a great problem solution – CrowdSec. The illustration style is made mainly in a violet palette and complemented by other colors that are often associated with the concept of data. Oh! And yes, those malefactors stealing the user’s data are depicted as vicious robo-demons pursuing people in the digital world. The rest – you judge. We really hope you will enjoy this video.

Video by Explain Ninja


This a very chilly and funny explanatory video by one of the most creative brands ever – Chipotle. It is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. Those small lovely pigs make me smile every time when I watch this animated explainer video example. The story itself is amazing too. It’s simple, calm yet captivating and impressive thanks to its bright visual style and a good sense of humor. Because who doesn’t love Wallace and Gromit?


PresrcribeWellness is a 30-second enjoyable content that clearly describes the product idea. We find it a big advantage that the video very clearly communicates what is PrescribeWellness. Within 30 seconds, they packed everything a person needs to decide to start using this product. Also, we like the animation style: it’s very simple but it conveys the mood of the characters and the product itself very well. This video’s authoritative and powerful narrative has also done great work by catching the viewer’s attention from the beginning to the last second of the video. Please enjoy it below.

Wrapping Up

An explainer video is an effective tool for brand-customer communication. It allows companies to tell their stories, present their product and services creatively, and provide fun to their customers. Standing out on the modern web has become a challenge for businesses. Luckily, explainer videos can help them do it. Here we overviewed our five most favorite explainer video examples. We really hope they will become your explainer video inspiration too and encourage you to create your own amazing video.

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