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How much it costs?

We offer four packages: Micro, Basic, Standard and Pro. If you aren’t sure what you
should chose, schedule a meeting with us, and we’ll discuss interesting things

Do you make a voice over? What are the options?

Yes, we do. You can choose the needed age of voice, gender, language, dialect. We have over 100,000 voice actors in our base that speak 50+ languages and dialects. You get unlimited revisions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What does the price include?

The price includes assessment of needs, writing an effective script, voice recording, storyboard drawing, drawing illustrations for all the scenes, animation, creation and music selection, and love to each created by us second of your video.

Do you write a script?

Yes, we write effective scripts specifically for every explanation video, trying to explain as simple as possible things that are needed to be explained. We have professional scriptwriters, who have been studying for years for your video to be conveyed to your end user.

How is the process built up?

After the client is ready to begin cooperation, we enter into a rendering services agreement. First of all, we write an effective script. Then we draw a visual storyboard displaying image after image in a video sequence. Second of all, when the client has approved the script, we start drawing illustrations. At the same time, after a couple of scenes are ready, our motion designer starts animating the scenes. Meanwhile, we select or write the music suitable for a video, as well as a voice over is being recorded. Finally, we combine everything together. Your video is ready.

Do you write the text?

Yes, we do. We can also work with the client’s text. In this case, the video will cost a bit less. However, our professionals may correct them according to peculiarities of the video genre.

What do you need to start cooperation with us?

You need to talk with our sales manager, discuss the price, timeline and other details. We will also find out what you would like to tell or communicate, what your target is, which style of a video you would like and so on. After signing an agreement, we will start working on your product.

What is the cost of a video?

Everything depends on details. We estimate the cost of a minute, but to define its cost we need to understand which style of a video you want, whether there are characters in it (they make the animation more complicated), whether you have a script and whether you need a unique music. After all these details are clarified, we can tell you the cost of one minute of a video.

How much time does it take to make a video?

The average time limit for a video creation is from 2 to 4 weeks. However, specific topics will take more time to understand them.

Which styles can you offer?

Our animated film-production company offers hand-crafted (pencil or highlighter images), flat (very popular), minimalism, outline and any other style you like. If you would like to make oil painting drawings with a time-lapse change of scenes, we can do it! :-)

What if I already have the text for the voice-over?

Then the cost of a video creation will be a bit cheaper, and also, in this case, we can tell you right away the cost of a video, because according to the text we can calculate its timing.

How is the cost defined before you know the duration of the video?

If there is a ready script, we can define the cost straight away. If not, we try to determine how much a client wants to tell in a video and roughly, based on the experience, define the approximate video length.