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About us

Explain Ninja is an animated video production company with rich traditions. Our field
is help the brands to reach the desirable level. We do this by producing explainer
videos which turn separate strangers into army of loyal buyers more effectively than
SEO. Our great advantage is professional voiceover group. We gathered the best
translators and speakers from around the globe, so you can always find the native
speaker of the targeted country or region.

So if you want to receive a guaranteed result and burn all myths about your business,
schedule the briefing with our video production studio right now!

Versatile story which
extend your investment

We do all possible to become the best
animated explainer video production
company. Our experts will listen to your
desires carefully. They will help you to
choose the format and visuals which
are suitable to achieve the commercial
goals for long years till you change the
business model.

The persuasive video
animation for business

The short explainer movie must tell
the truth about your business. Only in
this case it converts the strangers to
leads and then to loyal customers. Our
professionals create short persuasive
story which appeals to the human
connectivity. The genre palette varies
from social propaganda to visualization
of business processes.

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